Commentary by the Artist

Ever since I began the Photaura leg of my creative journey, I approach the world with a more purposeful eye. Be it a human figure, a single object or a composition of elements, I have disciplined my senses to stay attuned to the subject’s inherent potential to radiate “aura” through the photographic medium. In this way, I see myself as a traditional painter in search of a subject, only with color, light, and motion as my palette and a digital camera as my brush.

Over the years, I have discovered that some images speak to my senses more clearly and fluently than do others. Some may call this basic energetic affinity; others may describe it as chemistry between energetic bodies; and spiritualists and mystics may regard it as a “third eye.” I prefer to think of it as serendipitous timing, meaning that random phenomena and divine destiny intersect in one perfect moment to capture an image for posterity.

Once the image is photographed, its true “photauric” potential is revealed. Yet this potential is never fully exhausted. There are always new veils of color to be pierced, layers of light to be peeled away, and new interpretive stories to tell through shape and movement.

As an artist and photographer, I feel privileged to open the door to these new expressions of reality and invite those seeking to connect with the multi-dimensional energetic world to join me on this grand adventure.

Nareg Hartounian
New York City